Frequently Ask a Question

What is Web Counter?
A Web counter allows you and your visitors to track visits to your website

How do I put a counter on my website?
Copy the iframe code and install it anywhere you like in your website.

Is the World Flag Counter for free?
Yes its always 100% free

How can I make my flag web counter responsive?
If you are using Bootstrap, Just add class="img-responsive".
Example img class="img-responsive" src=...

How can I resize my flag counter?
just add height and width to your link
Example: img width="600" height="100" src=....

Do I have to register to create my flag counter?
No, not necessary, unless you are creating multiple counters and need to manage it from time to time.

I forgot my password to edit my counter, can I rest my password?
Sorry, you cannot reset your password or create a new one.
you have an option to email your password to yourself when you created.

My World Flag Counter disappeared, What happened?
Usually counters with no hits during 6 months are automatically deleted.

How can I insert the World Flag Counter into Ebay Listing?
go to for more details

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